03 mars, 2004

Með mátt orðsins að vopni.

He knew that he was dead the second the demon spawned spider appeared in front of him. It must have come from the deepest pit of hel. Huge eight legged creature with monsturos fangs that was driping red venom. It was blue in colour and it hissed as it bitt him in the shoulder. Its fangs pierced through his armor and he felt them conect with his shoulderbone. He knew that the wound was deep but it did not worry him. The poision that dripped from the monsters fangs did!

He screamed and allarted his fellows, he heard his high priest was chanting, an incarnation from from the One Word. He knew that it would not save him, nothing would. Death awaited. He felt his limps were starting to go numb and he had trouble breathing.

But He had a promis, and that promise must be kept! Under all circumstances. You do not break your oath of the One Word. never. he crouched and readied his weapon. He saw alfred trying to circle it, he was ready with his halbeard.

the Spider hissed and showed its fang, it spittle burst from its mouth. It struck but he was first, he swung his hammer but the blow was off, the fear and the poison was to much so the hammer just richocheted off. And the spider suck it s fangs int the the breast of the warrior. The poision ran through his veins and his body went limb. Alfread screamed a battle scream and stabed the Spider with his polearm. It went through the exoskeleton but it only a flesh wound. But it managed to draw its atention from the limb body.

The high priest jumbed to the body, quickly checked the breath of the man, but kept an eye on the spider who was battling furyusly with Alfred who kept jumping around and dodging the bite of the monster. But he knew it would not be long until the beast cought up with him.

He was steping toward the light, toward the one true word, who would enable him to see throught all lies and deception, to see the truth. But he heard a voice and the voice grew louder and higher, it draw his atention from the word, from the truth.

He woke up, he saw the high priest standing over him, holding a scroll and had finished the incarnation that banished poision.


He jumped up and grabed his weapon, the hight priest was running as fast as he could toward the monster brandishing his sword. Alfred was crouched ready to fight. But the Spider disapeered, jumped back to its pit.

"Back to back, remember the word" yelled the Hight priest. The three men pressed theyr back together, the High priest started a prayer but the other two just waited and watched, kept a vigilant watch, with theyr weapons ready to strike.

It apeared out of thin air runing toward him, with its mouth open, screaching like a demon. He put the shield up and threw the blow, it was straight this time and connected solidly with the creatures mouth. The jaw was crushed and one fang went flying through the air. the other would have bone flying but he sank into the bottome the Spiders mouth and staying there.

the Creature went down, crashing and screaching but It did not take the three men long time to finish it off.

They will keep theyr word!

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